Addressing Erectile Dysfunction with

Shock Wave Therapy

What Is Shock Wave Therapy for ED?

Erectile Dysfunction becomes increasingly common as men age and is a difficult health issue to face alone. Here at Fusion Medical Center, our new, revolutionary procedure is an effective and non-invasive treatment to revitalize full functionality. Assuring that our erectile dysfunction patients see a significant improvement within a short time.

ShockWave Therapy for ED utilizes acoustic waves at a low intensity, to reduce plaque build-up and promote growth in blood vessels—without an invasive surgical procedure. This treatment, established by extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) guidelines, acknowledges the direct physical factors that cause erectile dysfunction. This approach enables patients to benefit from improved function, and higher self-esteem in intimate situations.

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ESWT has been used effectively alleviate many injuries and chronic conditions which include the following:


Tennis elbow


Achilles tendinitis


Plantar fasciitis


Erectile Dysfunction


Tendinitis of the shoulder


Kidney stones


Joint inflammations


Heart disease

By breaking down materials that might hinder blood flow or that cause discomfort, ESWT has proven to deliver real benefits in the health care field. While ESWT is mainly thought of as a tentative treatment for ED, it has already generated extraordinary results in men who have experienced the procedure in continuing clinical trials.


When used to treat erectile dysfunction, the shock procedure applies a gel-coated probe directly onto the penis that sends sound waves straight into the erectile tissue to dislodge the build-up of plaque from blood vessels. This increases the body’s own ability to heal and regrow tissues and arteries. This method typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes and does not involve anesthesia. Once the treatment is finished, patients normally go back to their regular activities without any aching or remaining discomfort. Most men notice an improvement within a few weeks of their initial treatment routine.

At Fusion Medical Center, we are dedicated to making sure that you receive the latest and most effective medical treatments available. We cooperate with our patients to determine the best method for your health care needs. If you are interested in the benefits of ShockWave therapy for ED, or any other erectile dysfunction treatments we offer, call us today at 561-509-0916. We look forward to the opportunity to help you be and feel like the best version of yourself each day.

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Success Stories

Mr. Walter

“Before my treatment, I was in a lot of pain when I’m driving the car, getting out of the car, getting up in the morning, going to the bathroom– almost every activity– even sleeping. I had to lay a certain way and it just got to the point where whatever would take to get rid of the pain I did. My pain was between an eight and a nine—[after treatment] my pain is now between a two and three! When you’re tired of the pain, come here!”

Mr. Fortuno

“I was suffering from chronic sciatica for two years, very extreme, and hip problems. And a really bad walk. It was affecting my livelihood to tell you the truth. After my injection, the pain in my back is pretty much gone and my hips are getting better. My sleep is phenomenal now! Before, I would have to roll over because of the hips and sciatica almost every half hour so my sleep was terrible! Yeah, it’s very impressive compared to before. And, to me, that’s a big break in life. I’m also walking straight. Previous doctors only worked with the symptoms and [they talked about] major surgery. I’m only 55 and I definitely don’t want a hip replacement.
I thank you, doctor. Thank you.

Ms. Conti

I had extensive knee pain. I couldn’t bend. I couldn’t get up. It woke me up in the middle of the night. I was in a lot of pain every day– I would say between 6 to 10 years! Walking, carrying groceries, going up and down stairs, getting in and out of the car, sometimes even just sleeping! I had an immediate relief. I just don’t have pain anymore. I can do almost anything that I couldn’t do without thinking, “If I turn this way, it’s going to hurt,” or, “If I kneel down it’s,” … Even in church, which I’m trying not to kneel too much just yet, but it’s just so much different now. I don’t have any pain.

I’m finally getting a great night’s sleep. I’m waking up refreshed, and I actually feel, like, reborn again. Before anyone ever goes under a knife, this is such a great, state of the art way to do things. You just don’t have that same pain and I know, people in my family have to go to extensive therapy after their surgery. The only therapy I’m doing is enjoying my life!

Ms. Pratson

I had terrible neck pain and back pain. It almost felt like I had a hot poker going up my spine most of the … every day, actually– for more than 30 years. After my injection, I was totally amazed about how little I felt as far as the pain went. I’ve noticed a definite decrease in the amount of medications I have to take, it’s nothing like I was taking before. Sitting, standing for any length of time. Lying in bed even– I find a lot less fighting with the bed pillows! I’m definitely sleeping better.

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