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Surgical options for those suffering from painful knee injuries can range from knee surgery to complete knee replacement. Recent studies have shown that most surgeries don’t have a 100% success rate and there is chance of the pain and discomfort resurfacing. Knee replacement surgery can be extremely traumatic and it has the risk of toxic artificial particles entering the bloodstream. Apart from this, months of painful recovery phase is required to regain the strength and mobility following the surgeries. Most surgeries also boost the degeneration process which can lead to osteoarthritis.

Knee replacement surgery carries many serious risks and complications but is often considered as the most accepted treatment method for those dealing with significant arthritis or injury in knee joints.


Surgery should always be the last option; however, it is often perceived to be the only treatment alternative by most patients. At Fusion Medical Center, we have assisted several patients with severe arthritis problems in avoiding knee replacement surgery through simple regenerative procedures for knees, which enabled them to carry out the things they love without being burdened by pain.

We have seen exciting results on tricky knee injury cases, including complete ligament and muscle tears. Our expert medical staff ensure that patients experience little to no downtime after the treatment and can bounce back to their routine life immediately.

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Regenerative procedures in an outpatient setting is naturally more appealing to most patients, than going through traumatic orthopedic surgery to replace your complete joint with some artificial material.

Patients suffering from arthritis, injuries, sprained ligaments, tendon damage, muscle sprain and other joint-related injuries will be pleased to know that surgery is no longer the only treatment option. With modern and cutting- edge regenerative medicine services, quicker recovery and better mobility are attainable today.


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